“Fragments” Emiliano Santapaola Exhibition in Buenos Aires

The Argentine fashion photographer Emiliano Santapaola, who has lived in New York City for 4 years, presented for the first time in Buenos Aires on April 13 at Hipodromo de Palermo his photographic exhibition “Fragments” after being exhibited last December in New York. “Fragments” is a summary and selection of the best large-scale photographs of him throughout 20 year career showing his editorial work and black and white series as well as his most profound and significant portraits. More than 100 people was attended the event by from the world of fashion including designers, models and creatives who were able to live a unique experience with a relaxed perspective. Soon the exhibition will take place in Europe in cities like Milan and Paris, then it will return to Buenos Aires in December.
The experience was accompanied by ZUNZUN Wines, a line of fresh and versatile wines inspired by the flight of a hummingbird where attendees could enjoy their different varieties.
Emiliano’s photographic work is recognized for his sensitive approach, characterized by confident compositions and sophisticated use of color and
light, translating his artistic vision into a work inspired by femininity, art and music. He has shot over 100 magazine covers around the world cultivating a distinctive voice. In addition to having done campaigns and various advertising jobs.

I started in fashion photography in a very organic way, it was always clear to me that the only photography I wanted to do was fashion. I’ve never done any other type of photography, I feel comfortable having image full control, being able to choose settings, lights, trends and moments to tell. Being able to work with great talents forming teams of artists in the field and seeing it reflected in a final image is something that encompasses what I like about this work ̈ Emiliano Santapaola @emilianosantapaola